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SEOquake Parameters:

Here you can find new options for displaying data in SEOquake or write your own.

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Parameter name Author Details
Dmoz SEOquake Team Show
[REGEXP]=Open Directory Sites[^\(]+\(.+of (\d+)\)<

Tags: dir
Yandex CY SEOquake Team Show
[NAME]=Yandex CY
[REGEXP]=<tcy rang=\"(\d*)\" value=\"(\d*)\"

Tags: rating, yandex, ru
Yandex index SEOquake Team Show
[NAME]=Yandex index
[REGEXP]=<strong class=\"text\">[^<]+<br\/>(\d+)[&nbsp;]*([^\s]+)?\s

Tags: yandex, ru, index
Quantcast Rank SEOquake Team Show
[NAME]=Quantcast Rank
[REGEXP]=<td class=\"reach\" id=\"reach\-wd[^\"]*\">\s*([\d.]*[a-z]{0,1})<

Tags: rating, quantcast, rank
Twitter Tweets seoquaketeam Show
[NAME]=Twitter Tweets

Tags: social

| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 |
Results per page: 5 10 20

To get an idea of how you can write a parameter for SEOquake, please, read through this article - Writing parameters for SEOquake.

In order to create a new parameter user has to open SEOquake Preferencies, switch to bookmark Parameters, press the button New and fill required fields.

Watch SEOquake videos on YouTube:

If you create some interesting/unique parameters and have a desire to share them with the SEOquake community, contact us via web form and your parametre would be shown under your name on the our website. In addition you will receive an account in semrush free for a month!

For those who are not acquainted with RegExp for JavaScript here is the link to Regular Expressions for JavaScript.